What erotic games can you play with your partner?

It’s not always easy to get your partner to understand your sexual fantasies without embarrassing them. However, there are a number of naughty games around which tongues can be loosened and a more natural approach adopted. It’s also possible to talk about anything that might give your partner pleasure. In this article, we’ll tell you about naughty games to play as a couple.

Play & Love

During this game, pushing the other to answer questions about yourself is a great way to spice up your sex life. Play & Love is a naughty game consisting of an “action” die, including kissing, licking, nibbling, titillating and caressing. You can check here for more information. There’s also a “body parts” die: breasts, lips, navel, feet and buttocks. The combination is determined by chance. It’s the perfect game for building excitement on both sides. In case you feel the urge to switch to Kamasutra positions, there’s a specific die available for that. The price of this game is five euros ninety cents.

Boudoir casino

To spend a hot evening with your partner, the Boudoir casino is the best option. It brings together four famous casino games with more or less spicy naughty rewards for the winner. Each game in the box respects the basic rules of the game it’s inspired by, incorporating chips. Each token features a different sexual position. For the winner, there are other, softer and more interesting romantic rewards to boost the libido. The purchase price is thirty-eight euros eight cents.

The chess game

The erotic chess game is created by Marc Dorcel. The principle of this game is to divert from classic games, i.e. to get out of the routine. During the game, at certain moments, when your partner plays a move, you have to offer him or her naughty rewards such as striptease, fellatio, etc. The ultimate goal is to checkmate and enjoy a sexy, erotic reward. The purchase price is thirty-nine euros ninety-five cents.

In love

In Love is a naughty game that involves completing a mission to win gift cards. Surpass yourselves, confront each other, in a tender and loving duel. Give each other your best in every way. Whether it’s sensation, reflection, emotion or competition, make sure the pleasure is intense and shared.

The Doctor

This is the naughty game to get the imagination working in a couple. If you’ve always dreamed of titillating a fireman, seducing a librarian or interrogating a spy, then this role-playing game is ideal. The naughty Doctor game offers a series of forty-five erotic adventures for everyone to enjoy. All you have to do is decide who takes the lead. Feel free to step into your character’s shoes and fine-tune your sexy new roles. The aim of this game is to surprise your partner by innovating with scenarios that are both realistic and naughty.

Mission Intime

The Mission Intime game takes you on a journey of discovery into the realm of intense pleasure. By completing missions and answering questions, you and your partner will learn more about what you really love. The game begins with tender, romantic missions. It then moves on to more intimate missions and finally ends with passionate ones. 

Here are some naughty games you can play with your partner to enhance your sex life.