Some types of male orgasms to know

As far as the man is concerned, there are only three themes to designate what concerns him about enjoyment. These are orgasm, pleasure and ejaculation. They are three words in one that say the same thing. Indeed, orgasm is a feeling of strong pleasure, important for a successful sexual intercourse. So what about the types of male orgasm?

Orgasm leading to ejaculation and prostate orgasm

One type of orgasm that allows a man to feel pleasure and happiness is called the ejaculation orgasm. This form of orgasm is known to many and is effortless. It allows ejaculation, however, it is not the most intensive type of orgasm. To reach this stage of male enjoyment, it is necessary to have 5 ways. These are masturbation, vaginal and anal penetration and finally, fellatio. The orgasm felt by the man at this moment is observed at the precise moment of ejaculation.

For those who do not know it, there is also the orgasm of prostate which is also the prerogative of the man. The reason is simply because it is an organ that only men have. It is in the rectum and precisely near the anus that the prostate is located for the man. If you want to see your partner feel a v*fou pleasure, you must try to massage the prostate.

Multiple orgasms and mammary orgasms

When the types of orgasm follow one another and in a close way, it is then question of multiple orgasm. Orgasm is not really a man’s thing, so they have to practice to get used to it. It is not the same with women who reach orgasm as easily. The practice called stop and go will allow a man to relapse his arousal before the moment of ejaculation.

Speaking of breast orgasm, it is achieved by stimulating the male breasts. The truth is that most men don’t appreciate having their nipples touched. However, it is necessary for other men to reach their orgasm.