Non-standard places to make love and spice up your sexuality!

You won’t believe it, having sex outside your comfort zone is a beautiful experience that will never leave your memory. Why not choose a public place to have sex to spice up your love life. Here are some places where you can have sex with your sexual partner.

Sex on the road and in the open air

You often hear that it’s possible to have sex on a plane or train, but you’re still not sure. How long you will continue to doubt, it is a truth, and it can happen to anyone. This is to say that when you feel like it, it is possible to have sex in the bathroom. So whether it’s a plane or a train, there’s always a free and secluded space that you can go to satisfy your libido. And the most beautiful place to do such a thing for both types of transportation is the toilet. In addition to the train and plane, the car is also a place where making love is a beautiful experience. Try this method, and you will see how many times it is satisfying.

Holding sex in open spaces is a popular fantasy and this experience is worthwhile, because the environment boosts your sexual desire. Having sex in the open air is pretty fantastic, just that you have to protect yourself from grass or sand that can disturb.  It’s completely out of the ordinary, yet you get to enjoy the experience.

Choose the office and the elevator to hold your unusual sex

The office also remains the hottest place to have sex. You can choose to do it in the meeting room, because this place is often free.  Without lying to you, the office is where there is more closeness between colleagues or collaborators, however it remains the impeccable place to satisfy yourself sexually. Why not also the elevators to satisfy yourself sexually. In this place, you can do it even with a totally different person that you don’t even know.