How to preserve your erection

The most noticed sexual dysfunction among men is erectile dysfunction. Naturally, this disorder increases as the man gets older and because of certain factors. These are diseases and lifestyle. Find some tips in this article on how to preserve your erection.

Control your nutrition

If you want to stay virile and keep your erection working as long as possible, it’s important to follow certain principles. That is to say, you must pay special attention to your food. If you want harmony to remain between you and your wife, you must respect this principle. As long as you have a functional erection, you will be able to satisfy your wife sexually at any time.

So, you should take care of what you eat. There are certain foods that you should ban from your diet. These include foods that are not recommended to avoid cardiovascular accidents. What you need to know is that these foods have an impact on a man’s sexual health. This statement is verified by studies made to this effect. Erectile dysfunction is mostly caused by what a man eats. So, if you like it, make it a pleasure to keep your erectile health well and always satisfied.

Keep a reasonable weight

When the diet aspect is put aside, you’ll also need to keep your weight in check. If you want to see your penis get erect when you feel like having sex with your wife, you have to watch your weight to stay away from overweight and obesity. These in addition to diabetes can harm your erectile health. For this reason, you should frequently monitor your blood cholesterol level. The other reason is to actually protect your blood vessels.  In short, frequent exercise can save you from some of the risks that can affect your erection.  You must take care of because that’s a serious problem.